If you haven't seen Fougères you've seen nothing!

If you haven't seen Fougères you've seen nothing!

The largest fortress in Europe, the Fougeres castle, built on two hectares of rock, is enclosed between the marshes and the meanders of the Nançon river. 1000 years of life-size history for the whole family in the largest fortress in Europe!

This “mille feuille” castle has gone through all episodes of French history while remaining in a state of conservation such as a 15th century man would recognize at first glance. Listen to the walls, they talk about their history.

The Fabulous Château de Fougères is also a gallery of now mythical personalities who have stayed there or fought mythical battles: Kings of France and England, Raoul II, Louis II de la Trémoille, the Fée Mélusine ...

Since 2009, a scenographic journey has given birth to the Château de Fougères. Through a free stroll in the farmyard, followed by a visual and sound journey through the three towers of the castle, adults and children alike discover the history of the Fougeraise fortress.

During the visit of around 1h30, the public is projected into the fascinating era of the Middle Ages.

Château de Fougères, Ille et Vilaine. Visits every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

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