Soiree TV: Stalingrad by J.J Annaud (NRJ 12)

Soiree TV: Stalingrad by J.J Annaud (NRJ 12)

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After the "War of fire" and "The name of the rose", the filmmaker Jean-Jacques Anaud tackled in 2001 the theme of the battle of Stalingrad. An ambitious bet to evoke this bloody battle which constituted a decisive and murderous turning point in the Second World War and a psychological victory which galvanized the Russians against the German invader. Stalingrad, industrial city on the Volga, was the communication node to the Caucasus, rich in oil and the object of the great offensive undertaken by Hitler in 1942. In August 1942, Stalingrad was invested by life German army under the command of General Paulus ...

But the conquest of the city, defended by General Chuikov, was difficult, getting bogged down in fierce street fighting. At the end of October, the Germans took control of most of the city, but in November the supply route to Stalingrad was cut off by the Russians, leaving Paulus and his 200,000 men surrounded in the city. The Soviets then undertook to reconquer the city, quarter by quarter. At the end of January 1942, Paulus had to resign himself to capitulation.

In his film Stalingrad, J.J Annaud stages two snipers, a Russian and a German, who engage in a deadly duel in the rubble of a city in ruins. If the sets and the fight scenes are rather successful, the film sometimes gets bogged down in an unnecessary psychological mishmash not very digestible and rather mediocre dialogue. On the other hand, all the horror of the conflict is well reproduced, and we share the anguish that we must have felt all the protagonists of this terrible battle ...

Stalingrad, by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Monday May 10 at 8:35 pm on NRJ 12.

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