Cinema outing: la Rafle

Cinema outing: la Rafle

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“These dark hours forever sully our history and are an insult to our past and our traditions. Yes, the criminal madness of the occupier was seconded by the French, by the French state. ”(Jacques Chirac, 1995). It took more than forty years before a leading politician recognized France's collective responsibility in the roundup of the winter velodrome. And even longer before this tragic episode comes to life on screen. This is now done with Roselyne Bosch's film " The Roundup »,...

which traces the arrest, internment and deportation of Jews to Paris in July 1942. This essential work of memory has benefited from the testimonies of survivors and witnesses, as well as the clarifications of historians on this dark shadow of the history of France. Performed by convinced and talented actors, this film, which sometimes flirts with sentimentality, nevertheless captures the events with force without falling into the unbearable. "" La Rafle "is a film which does credit to French cinema. (CineObs).

La Rafle, by Roselyne Bosch, hits theaters on March 10.

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