New DVD: Clash of the Titans

New DVD: Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans, a big budget Anglo-Saxon peplum, has just been released in DVD. A super-production that revisits the Greek myth of Perseus and his standoff with the gods of Olympus. Some will go into ecstasies at the epic duels, others will keep in their throats this freedom taken with the traditional epic of Perseus ...

The story: men have decided to do without the gods (for vague reasons, little rewards for prayers) and start destroying temples, statues… To punish them, the gods allow Hades to ravage Argos with the kraken if Princess Andromeda is not sacrificed. Eager to take the place of his brother Zeus, Hades thus hopes to weaken the Olympians by weakening the men to be able to carry out his coup. A small group of men, including Perseus of course, are assigned to kill the kraken with the more or less passive support of Zeus.

Our opinion: visually, the film is worth the trip. The amenities are not historic, but the myths are timeless. It is mainly the 3D (added after the phenomenal success of Avatar) that makes this film visually interesting, the Greek landscapes make it better than the landscape of Pandora from Avatar (there, it's a matter of taste) . So yes, if you want to distract yourself with some unique 3D combat scenes don't hesitate to watch this film, preferably in original version.

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Clash of the Titans, by Louis Leterrier. DVD, WB Editions, 2010, available in store.

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